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The Tradent Team

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers by providing unparalleled service, superior products, further extending to the exchange of best practices.  We develop mutually beneficial relationships for businesses, whether one-time closeout deals; or creating, growing and maintaining long-term markets.  We are committed to customer satisfaction, and are fully equipped to provide optimal results with maximum efficiency.

We are a group of enthusiastic professionals that have come together from various walks of life and experiences; each bringing unique set of complimentary and synergistic skills to the TRADENT team:

  • Engineering – Industrial, Mechanical, Chemical, Metallurgical, Electrical

  • Management  Logistics & Supply Chain, Brand, Retail, Service Industry

  • Marketing – Retail, Social, Digital, Wholesale

  • Finance  Corporate Finance, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking

  • Law  International Trade Law, Corporate Law

The geographic diversity of our contacts and associates particularly focused in high-growth and emerging markets are crucial in allowing us to develop fresh markets with little competition and high-growth potential. 

Our regional diversity gives us and our suppliers an added layer of security to regional market fluctuations allowing us to play with our profit margins and attain an edge over our competitors.

The wide and varied nature of our broad portfolio enables us to find perspective clients with relative ease.


With numerous years of experience in the business, we are well equipped to serve our customers with solutions and products that are efficient, cost-effective and reliable.


We have an established international network in 10 countries with professionals providing services and support to the ever growing network of Tradent Global Solutions. 

Advisory Committee:

Our advisory committee consists of professionals, professors and doctors from world-renowned institutions that include: McGill University, Cambridge University, University of Waterloo, Stanford University and University of Manchester.

Freight Management:

Our global cargo service provider offers shipping to more than 200 countries worldwide. We ensure that all logistical services are performed safely and on time using integrated air, sea and road networks.


We have the capacity to maintain resources through market fluctuations and periods of high demand.  Our expert team go beyond expectations, as our resources include a strong network of professional experts, helpful political ties, and business leaders in the various nations we have targeted for trade and sales operations; all to secure better positioning for our clients than any possible competitors.

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